Case Study: Hawks Plumbing and Heating

Identity Design for Hawk's Plumbing and Heating

Hawks Plumbing and Heating is owned by Dave Hochestetler – nickname "The Hawk". He is an independent contractor providing services in Crete, NE.

Project Overview

Dave found us by searching logo design in Omaha/Lincoln area. First thing we did was connect via phone and then we had him complete the following online form to help us get to know him better Logo Design Briefing. This was very easy for him and extremely helpful for the graphic designer.

The images to the right (A-E) were options presented. After he selected "C" we then began working with color – resulting in the red/black final design.The final step in the process was providing a download link to the master Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files, as well as, mailing a CD disk.


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