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What is the full written name needed for the logo?



Do you have a tag line for your logo? Example: FORD Built for the Road Ahead. If so, please use the input field below, if not, just enter “NO”



General overview of what your business does or will be doing:



Sum up what you do. This is a refined and optimized version of above. Think along the lines of descriptive keywords or phrases. At least 3 keywords, but, 6-10 would be ideal. Example for a bakery: cakes, donuts, pies, pastries, cupcakes, bread…



Is there a perception in your market that you want to convey with your logo design? For example, a towing business may want to convey strength because they have vehicles with extraordinary power. Or, a lawn mowing service wants to convey they’re very fast because they have special/unique equipment.



Who is the target audience or intended market? Will you be working for all consumers or subcontracting?



Is your business unique or offering a new product or service?



Who are some of your competitors?



Number of staff? Most businesses start small (of course), but, many know if they want to grow to a staff of 25 employees or however many versus remaining independent or very small.



Place of business? Will you have a commercial office space or brick and mortar store?



Do you envision the name of the business with a type font treatment only or do you want a graphic (picture or symbol) along with the name. Or, perhaps you don’t know for sure and would like to see options with both.



Where will the logo be used (seen) most often? For example, a business might say “primarily on the side of my vehicle – I’m a contractor” or another might say “in the banner of my website – I’m going to be selling products online”.



Please refer to samples below – what style of logo appeals to you best?

Clean/Simple – type treatment only
Illustrative – with an image/graphic
Professional/Conservative – monogram style for example
Abstract – with a symbol that's graphically pleasing, but, may not be understood
Red Bull
Clean/Simple Illustrative
Welcome Home
Professional/Conservative Abstract


Are there any colors you really don’t like (for any reason)? Or, do you have a favorite color you want to use or be integrated into the logo design?



Specific image/graphic requirements? Sometimes there are industry cliches that businesses want to avoid regarding imagery. For example a commercial painter might say “I definitely don’t want to use a paint brush – I’ve seen it too many times”.


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